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Read Online Kadamba of Gentle Humilaith by Mirti Venyon Reiyas Epub

Authors: Mirti Venyon Reiyas
Pages: 130
Language: English

Tahdi Bellevue is one of TASAu2019s top ranking Travel Facilitators, or TFu2019s for short. He is sociable, popular, jovial and adventurous. He leads tours to the wildest jungles or the most aesthetic and developed architectural sites with equal ease. Technically skilled, he often alerts Sattlecrane Air Controllers to slight changes in cabin pressure or angular orientation that had been overlooked on the vast control panel up in the exosphere. Heu2019s a favourite with his stern and competitive boss.
One excursion changes his life forever.
As Tahdi becomes involved in a mission to protect the only inter-planetary portal on Ethera that links all the way up to the Realms, his travels bring him into contact with beings, places, cosmic knowledge and parts of himself that he had long forgotten. What is his Kadamba and can he succeed in reconnecting with it? How can he regain his memory? What do the mysterious tiger lady and a praying mantis being have to do with it? Will the 49 shifting continents align at the right time? Add higher dimensional gardening, secret libraries, cosmic dances and a thorny rose into the puzzle.
A fast-paced adventure filled with mysterious and sometimes hilarious places, endearing and entertaining characters, profound and silly phrases, and a frequency of love and humilaith.